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23 - 12 - 2019  |  by: Wendy Heintjes

The coolest kids in town

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In one of our earlier blogs we introduced the 10DAYS kids board to you. A recurring item involving our kids' board is 10DAYS Talks: a video series that you can watch via our YouTube channel. In the first video Daantje spoke with Johnny de Mol about his foundation called: het Vergeten Kind (the Forgotten Child) and in the second episode Lulu spoke with Saar Koningsberger about her career and her YouTube channel.

In episode 3, Daniel Winston talked with Gilly about his career as a personal trainer of Dutch celebrities. Gilly also shared tips on the best exercises to get fit.

In the 4th episode of 10DAYS Talks, Norah spoke with Femke Heemskerk to find out more about her swimming career and her daily routine.

View episodes 3 and 4 of 10DAYS Talks on our Youtube channel via the links below:

Interview met Daniel Winston en Gilly

Watch the full interview with Daniel Winston and Gilly in our conceptstore in Amsterdam.

Interview met Norah en Femke Heemskerk

Watch the full interview with Norah and Femke Heemskerk.