Fit guide

What fit suits you best?

Fit guide

The fit of a garment can sometimes be difficult to see when shopping online. To make it easier for you, we indicate the fit per item. This way you know what to expect. Play with the different fits and create balance in your favourite looks. Keep in mind that every body is unique, therefore each fit will vary per individual. 


Slim fit items are worn close on our body, like our signature wrapper and our yoga leggings. The perfect choice when you want to accentuate your waist or your legs. Each slim fit item contains a small percentage of elastane, which makes it more durable and super comfortable. Slim fit tops are easy to combine underneath oversized or relaxed fit sweaters. Creating a look by layers enables you to add unexpected details and to make endless combinations.

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Slim fit


Regular fit items have a standard cut. These items subtly show the silhouette of our body and leave just a bit of room in between the body and the garment. They are not too tight and not too loose. Think of items like the top linen and the sweater medal. Compared to slim fit items, regular fit items feel easier on the body and can be slightly straighter. Combining a regular fit top with an oversized fit jogger and vice versa, creates a balanced look in which you can feel free all day long.

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Regular fit


Relaxed fit items have a loose shape and are intended to be slightly larger than normal. Most sweaters and joggers at 10DAYS have a relaxed fit and they are perfect if you like a nonchalant, casual, and sporty style. Relaxed fit items are a nice middle ground between regular fit items and oversized fit items and therefore can be the ideal choice when you are not used to wearing real oversized items. Items with a loose fit can be combined easily with all fits because of its loose shape. Build up your look in layers to create a dynamic and unexpected look.

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Oversized fit


Items with an oversized fit are very loose and therefore consciously appear a size larger. We do consider the correct sleeve and leg length, so each item will effectively suit you. With this oversized fit, think of sporty items such as the oversized jogger and the statement sweater. Oversized fit tops and sweaters can be combined well with leggings and slim fit pants. Do you have a small waist and wider hips? Then an oversized fit pants with a slim fit top would work great for you. In case you’re not a big fan of the oversized shape but you do really like an item, you can choose to go for a smaller size. Keep in mind that the sleeve and leg length will also be shorter.

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Oversized fit