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Collection: 10DAYS Fragrances


  1. simple eau de parfum 50ml
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    simple eau de parfum 50ml €85,00
  2. simple scented candle
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    simple scented candle €45,00
  3. travel set unexpectedly simple eau de parfum €65,00
  4. unexpectedly eau de parfum 50ml
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    unexpectedly eau de parfum 50ml €85,00
  5. unexpectedly scented candle
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    unexpectedly scented candle €45,00

Embrace the Unexpected, Celebrate the Simple.

"UNEXPECTEDLY" and "SIMPLE," the new unisex fragrances from 10DAYS, encapsulate the individual essences of the brand's two founders. Both scents are uniquely developed for 10DAYS in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world and the ingredients are predominantly natural.

Embodying Amsterdam's vibrant spirit, "UNEXPECTEDLY" bursts with dynamic energy, while "SIMPLE" imparts a scent of effortless elegance. The perfumes can be used individual and layered.

Together, these fragrances form a harmonious part of the 10DAYS Lifestyle range. They translate the Amsterdam style of high-quality, comfortable clothing, spirited experiences, embodying the brand's ethos to "Rebuild yourself every day in every way.”

by 10DAYS

Embodying the free-spirited energy of Creative Director Barabara Hilbrink UNEXPECTEDLY echoes a zest for life. Bursting with vibrant citrus top notes of bergamot, tangerine, petit-grain, and bitter orange, complemented by grapefruit flower, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom accord. All grounded in a rich base of warm sand accord and Caledonian sandalwood. A tribute to the continual pursuit of new ideas and embracing the extraordinary.

Inspired by Brand Director Myon Veenendaal, SIMPLE is a testament to effortless style and independence. Opening with a refreshing mix of grapefruit, bergamot, and sparkling blackcurrant, with a blend of powdery Iran rose, yerba mate, and violet flower. Grounded in deep Virginian cedarwood and earthy patchouli.

SIMPLE captures Myon’s love for vibrant yet refined simplicity, encapsulating the comfort and timelessness that is the 10DAYS spirit.