About 10D for HUMANS

10D for HUMANS is about people. About personalities.
It’s about you. And clothing that frees you.

We’re not ones for putting things into boxes. But if we had to describe what we do, it’d be comfortwear with a smart(ish) twist. Future classics with a commitment to ease that can be worn by anyone – man, woman, human.

Our collections do away with seasonal drops in favour of core favourites that last – the jogger that goes with everything, the sweater that works any time of the year – freshened in new colours every so often. And always delivered in quality fabrics.

Produced in small runs largely in Europe, these are clothes for you. The many sides of you. Clothes for you to dance, sleep, stroll, run or write in. That fit your day. In every way.

Kind clothing, for humankind.