10D for HUMANS - New collection

Timeless designs that only get better over time. Long-lasting shapes that are easy to wear. Comfort as priority number one.

A core collection for men. Fitting your day, in every possible way.

10D for HUMANS is about people. About personalities. Of all shapes and ages and regions and proportions. People that don’t want to be remembered by their coat, but by their presence. Clothes for you. For the many you’s. In all dimensions. Clothes for you to dance, sleep, stroll, run or work in. Clothes that fit your day. In every possible way.

10D for HUMANS - Human sweater

10D for HUMANS is about kind clothing. A collection of high-quality tailored comfort wear with a premium fit. Sweaters, hoodies, tees, joggers, chinos, new knits, jackets and coats made from soft and warm wools to cozy cottons and recycled PET. Every fabric was carefully selected on look, feel, function and durability. Colours are rich but sophisticated. Predominately produced in Europe. To comfort you. To support you. To care for you.

A new 10D for HUMANS item, a new colour or a new product group will drop when it drops. We believe that people will love to wear it in the years to come. Season after season, layer after layer, day after day.  

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