Welcome to 10DAYS FOR GOOD, a space with conscious thinking and sustainable actions.

We focus on weaving comfort and ethical craftmanship into every piece, committed to doing it FOR GOOD – one garment at a time. Our emphasis on high-quality creations ensures that our clothing is then timeless in every sense of the word, from style to durability. These values are reflected in our GOTS certification – a symbol of our unwavering commitment, ensuring a transparent and fair supply chain with environmentally friendly practices.

Our efforts in rethinking fashion consumption include two circular initiatives: Pre-Loved and Upcycled. Together these initiatives work to make sustainable fashion accessible and easy, not only reducing our environmental footprint but inspiring others to join in making conscious choices.

We encourage you to explore our initiatives and join on the journey to fashion a better world.

10DAYS For Good is our circular initiative that forms part of our Sustainability policy.