Timelessness is always sustainable.

10DAYS is in it for the long run.

Bringing you high quality garments that only get better over time.

Clothes with staying power. Modern classics without wear-out.

But when it no longer suits your needs, offer your former favourite a new future.

Pass it on. For Good.


10DAYS For Good.

The best of pre-loved 10DAYS garments.

Exclusively in our concept store in Amsterdam.


How it works?

Selling your 10DAYS garments:

  • You can bring your 10DAYS clothing to our concept store in Amsterdam during opening hours.

  • We can only buy back 10DAYS clothes that are in perfect condition, meaning:
    - Without visible signs of use or damage
    - Without visible color differences
    - All labels in the clothing intact (branding, sizing, care labels)

  • We don't believe in seasons. Therefore, you can always bring your garments to our store, no matter the time of year.

  • You can hand in a maximum of 3 (clothing) pieces.

  • The following product groups are excluded:
    - Underwear
    - Wrappers
    - Accessories (belts, bags, shoes, hats, scarves etc)

    Chevalier sweater

    • We buy offered 10DAYS garments back for a fixed price per product category.

    • For the total amount of your sold items (maximum of 3) you receive a voucher to spend at our store.

    • This voucher is valid for 6 months and can also be used to obtain products from our new collection.

    • We may be offered more pre-loved clothes than we have room for. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse buying back offered items.

    • We keep a maximum capacity of 40 pre-loved items for our store. In case this number is reached you can sign up for our waiting list. However, this is limited to 10 items.

      10DAYS For Good - Voucher value

      If for any reason we are unable to accept your garments, but you still want to offer them a second chance, consider a local circular store (for example at the Kringloopwinkel at Havenstraat 1, Amsterdam) or hand them in at a Sympany textile container. This way the garments are still up for a new destination.

      You can find the nearest textile containers here:

      • Moreelsestraat 3/ corner van Baerlestraat
      • Emmastraat 44
      • Johannes Verhulststraat 168/ corner of Dufaystraat.



      Buying 10DAYS for Good items:

      • We sell the 10DAYS For Good garments for the same price as we bought them back for.

      • Please note that when you purchase a 10DAYS For Good item, you cannot return it.

      • In case you are not satisfied with your 10DAYS For Good purchase, please leave your complaint with our store staff.

        10DAYS For Good - Price in store

        10DAYS For Good is a circular initiative of 10DAYS Lifestyle and part of our sustainability policy. Read more information about our sustainability policy here.