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Thank you for choosing to be part of our story. We’ve come a long way, travelled through over 10 years together. We have grown together and have seen growth together. Powerful women. Kids to adolescents. Houses to homes. We share a believe that anyone can find confidence in what they wear. That we all have the right to be our true selves.

Our vision is to empower people around the world to be whoever they want to be. Wear whatever they want to wear. Together we guide them through their style. Not just for one season, oh no. This is a lifetime commitment. A promise from us to them, and to you. 

- Love, 10DAYS - 

10DAYS - Our Story

10DAYS - About us


10DAYS' signature is the unexpected way of combining comfort and style through soft materials, creative silhouettes, sporty looks, statement pieces and hidden details. Simple, but never regular.

Our collections capture the confidence, creativity and collectiveness of the city of Amsterdam. Through the art of combining, the possibilities are endless. Freedom all the way. We offer women’s, children’s and unisex ready-to-wear clothing, lifestyle, interior, footwear and accessories. Through all our collections we like to challenge you to be unexpected or simple | never regular.

10DAYS Forget the facts, let's feel

10DAYS - Est. 2007

EST. 2007

Founded in 2007 by two free spirits - Barbara Hilbrink & Myon Veenendaal - 10DAYS was born from a spontaneous idea to shake things up. They decided to look at fashion from a different, more sustainable perspective. "Why not challenge ourselves to create smart, fun essentials that can be built out overtime?" Encouraging you to be more you, with less. Just the things you love. Following your heart, not trends.

Having this in mind we designed our first 10DAYS collection: a creative fusion of various styles that could easily form a perfect, timeless yet personal wardrobe. This challenge trickled into our 10DAYS lifestyle and still inspires us every day to build further on our collection of essential wardrobe pieces. Because your wardrobe is our gallery.


We feel, and we base everything we do on how it feels to us. We create clothing we love to wear ourselves. Clothing that makes us feel good. Our collections reflect who we are and our goal is to inspire anyone to be who they want to be.

Fashion is following trends. We dare to challenge that. In a world that is rapidly changing and is calling for sustainability, we answer with clothing that is timeless, seasonless, ageless and genderless.

10DAYS - Seasonless, ageless, genderless

10DAYS - Be unexpected or simple | Never regular