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  1. Peaceful night drops 50ml
    Regular price
    Peaceful night drops 50ml €25,00
  2. Self-love balm 50ml
    Regular price
    Self-love balm 50ml €25,00
  3. Happy and Calm oil 100ml
    Regular price
    Happy and Calm oil 100ml €35,00
  4. travel set unexpectedly simple eau de parfum €65,00
  5. unexpectedly eau de parfum 50ml
    Regular price
    unexpectedly eau de parfum 50ml €85,00
  6. simple eau de parfum 50ml
    Regular price
    simple eau de parfum 50ml €85,00

Home bodycare by 10DAYS

Pamper yourself with 10DAYS women's bodycare

Pamper yourself with 10DAYS women's bodycare

At 10DAYS, our aim is to make you feel not only stylish but also confident. Our women's bodycare collection is designed with the same dedication to quality and comfort as our clothing, offering a range of pampering products that can enhance your daily routine.

Styling with care

Our women's bodycare products combine functionality with a touch of luxury. Whether you opt for beautifully scented body lotion, a gentle hand cream, or other skincare products, they are all designed to pamper your skin and provide you with a moment of relaxation.

Natural ingredients

At 10DAYS, we value the health of your skin. That's why our bodycare products contain carefully selected natural ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin while being gentle on the environment.

Enrich your daily ritual

The 10DAYS women's bodycare collection is intended to enrich your daily ritual. Whether you're taking a refreshing shower in the morning or unwinding before bedtime, our products offer the care you deserve.

Express your confident self

Whether you choose a subtle fragrance or a moisturizing cream, our bodycare products bring out your confident, radiant self. Add a touch of indulgence to your day and feel your best.

Pamper your skin with 10DAYS women's bodycare

Discover the luxury of 10DAYS women's bodycare and embrace a daily routine that pampers your skin and spirit. Order today and experience how our skincare products can make a positive difference in your daily life.