Let's rethink fashion.

We believe a sustainable wardrobe is about clothes that endure. 

That is why we design timeless, high-quality collections. Made from durable, environmentally friendly materials and produced under conditions that are good and safe for people and animals.

We aim to slow down the pace of fashion and rethink the way we consume. But this isn’t done overnight. And we certainly aren’t perfect yet. We strive hard to design, produce and deliver in a sustainable way. Because for us, sustainability is all about continuous innovation.

It is our ambition to slow down fashion and rethink the way we consume. 10DAYS isn’t perfect, but we strive hard to educate ourselves, to improve ourselves and to do better where we can.

From fast to slow.
From quantity to quality.
From functional to emotional.

We focus on 3 themes to improve the social and environmental impact of our products and organization, and collaborate with expert partners to develop sustainable solutions for the future.


We practice what we preach. Our employees and organization are important to us, and we act accordingly.


At 10DAYS we enable our employees to feel free, confident, and express their true selves. It is important to us that everyone feels healthy, safe, included, and valued for who they are and how they contribute to our organization and brand. We welcome different backgrounds, different perspectives and aim for gender equality. Of course, this commitment is not limited to our organization. We aim for an equal representation in our photography, videos, fashion shows, and other activities.


Our headquarters, distribution centre, and retail locations are conscious when it comes to resource and waste management. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint.  

We implement sustainability strategies to contribute to our environmental responsibility and achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.