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Barbara Hilbrink and Myon Veenendaal founded 10DAYS together in 2007 – now they have a podcast together. In 10DAYS Talks, they air their thoughts on a wide range of topics close to their hearts and the company’s, with special guests they know personally and professionally. From the difference between female and male entrepreneurs with Fashionxchange founder Astrid van Gorp, to embracing imperfection with Shiran Gort from lifestyle brand Four Leaves, listen and be inspired.

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New episodes air on the first week of every month. Dutch spoken.

Aflevering 16: Following your heart with Loes den Hollander
Loes den Hollander is een Nederlandse romanschrijver van (voornamelijk) literaire thrillers. Ze publiceerde haar eerste boek in 2006, op 56-jarige leeftijd, na een lange loopbaan in de zorg als directeur van een zorginstelling. In de jaren daarna heeft ze meer dan 30 boeken geschreven.

Loes, Myon en Barbara praten over het volgen van je hart ongeacht de leeftijd, hoe Loes begon met schrijven en de overeenkomsten tussen het schrijven van boeken en het ontwerpen van collecties.

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Aflevering 15: Reading Faces with Joyce van der Voort

Joyce van der Voort is a naturopathic therapist and facial science teacher. She studies the personality of a person based on facial and body features. Joyce, Myon and Barbara talk about what facial science entails and how there is a balance between all features and charactaristics read from the face.

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Aflevering 14: Work / Life balance met Jetske van den Elsen

Jetske van den Elsen is a TV presenter and has been on Dutch television for 25 years. Jetske, Myon & Barbara discuss their personal need to travel, having a career next to raising children, the art of planning and why Jetske was in the search for a new hobby.

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Episode 13: Freedom with Marianne Luning

In this episode our guest is Marianne Luning. She works as a senior stylist for the renowned Dutch magazine & online platform VT wonen. Next to this, she is also one of the interior stylists in the popular TV show 'VT Wonen | Weer verliefd op je huis’. Myon, Barbara and Marianne talk about experiencing the freedom to do what you like, moving from Amsterdam to the countryside and the importance of rituals in private life and when working.

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Episode 12: Imperfection with Tricja Cotterill

Fashion director Tricja Cotterrill works with various brands – including 10DAYS – on campaigns and photoshoots. She speaks to Myon about the authenticity of imperfection, the perks of travelling for work, and how she once opened an underground fashion store in Amsterdam.

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Episode 11: Wanderlust with Soleil Hulscher

Barbara and Myon speak to Dutch model Soleil Hulscher, who travels all over the world for her work, in this wanderlust-themed episode. One of the original faces of 10DAYS’ campaigns, she captures the bold spirit and freedom of the brand like no one else. Barbara and Myon recall their first meeting with her, and discuss what travelling brings them. They also reflect on the time they got tattoos in Australia.

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Episode 10: Authenticity with Caroline Tensen

TV presenter Caroline Tensen takes to the airwaves with Barbara and Myon. They discuss staying true to yourself, authenticity as a characteristic, and their mutual love of dogs.

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Episode 9: Entrepreneurship with Koen van Meersbergen

Koen van Meersbergen is the co-owner of hip Amsterdam-based menswear store ABOUT Lifestyle. Opened in 2015, the store fuses fashion with art and lifestyle. He talks about the fine line between selling products versus sharing knowledge about them, the luxury of stocking only what you like yourself, and experiencing freedom in entrepreneurship when not only guided by turnover.

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Episode 8: Synergy with Sabine Hoogenkamp

Sabine Hoogenkamp is founder of lifestyle boutique Mooi Ben Jij in Doetinchem, which is a long-time stockist of 10DAYS. In this episode, Barbara, Myon and Sabine talk about the synergy between brands and retailers, what makes a good partnership, what they learned from each other, and how brands can support good retail.

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Episode 7: Imperfection with Shiran Gort

Shiran Gort founded Four Leaves, a sustainable lifestyle brand which makes bed linen, towels and more, while giving back to Sri Lanka, his country of birth. Shiran has a special place in 10DAYS’ heart: together with Barbara and Myon, he created the brand’s new offshoot, 10D for HUMANS. The trio talk about their collaboration, his Sri Lankan heritage, and the beauty of imperfection.

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Episode 6: Family & Entrepreneurship with Pien Legters

Barbara and Myon welcome Pien Legters. Pien is the owner of lifestyle label Suite Paradise and, for almost a decade, played a key role in building the 10DAYS brand. Pien also happens to be Barbara’s sister, which is why the theme of today’s podcast is entrepreneurship through the filter of family.

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Episode 5: Authenticity with Liselore Chevalier

Photographer and frequent 10DAYS collaborator Liselore Chevalier discusses authenticity with Barbara and Myon in today’s episode. They talk about storytelling with photos, Liselore’s love for the 80s – including the decade’s swimsuit aesthetics ­– and how she became the inspiration for a special 10DAYS collection, 10DAYS x Liselore.

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Episode 4: Sustainability with Dieuwertje Damen

Dieuwertje Damen is a sustainability strategist and owner of Rainbow Collection, a creative impact agency that helps companies formulate and execute their sustainability goals. She talks to Barbara and Myon about how to start implementing sustainability strategies in companies, the importance of connecting to what you buy, and new business models that make it possible to grow as a company and still take good care of the environment.

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Episode 3: Women in business with Astrid van Gorp

How do female entrepreneurs differ from male entrepreneurs? What do women find important in running a business? What drives women to start their own business? These are some of the questions that Astrid van Gorp answers in today’s episode with Barbara and Myon. Astrid is the founder of Fashionxchange, an agency that organises fashion shows, photoshoots, and events for retailers. With more than 25 years of experience, she knows all about combining sales with creativity.

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Episode 2: Spiritual leadership with Sigrid Boelens

Barbara and Myon speak with Sigrid Boelens of Bureau Boel, which offers coaching and training for companies and individuals. They discuss spiritual leadership, how they got on their right path in life, who their biggest idols are and what that says about their own qualities.

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Episode 1: Freedom with 10DAYS CEO Marie-Jose Vermin

Freedom is at the heart of 10DAYS – and is the subject of today’s episode. Barbara and Myon talk to Marie-José Vermin, CEO of 10DAYS, about what it means to them – personally, professionally, and spiritually.

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Episode 0: Introduction with 10DAYS founders Barbara Hilbrink & Myon Veenendaal

In the first episode of 10DAYS Talks, Barbara and Myon discuss dreams, love, care, 14 years of 10DAYS, and why they created this series.

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