Tips for the darker days

10DAYS Talks | Holistisch sporten

20-11-2019 | by: Wendy Heintjes

Holistik x 10DAYS | Episode 2 & 3

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It’s is already November and despite the fact that the holidays are just around the corner, we still have trouble retaining the positive feeling that the sun brings during spring and summer time.

In the second episode of Holistik x 10DAYS, Evelyn and Karlijn give you some easy tips to get through the dark winter days ... Something with dancing in your room, vitamin D and much more! Move the energy, and enjoy winter time!

Have you ever heard of a holistic way of working out? Kar and Eef explain to you how they do it.

In the third video of Holistik x 10DAYS they talk about a lesson in self-love, something about serotonin and dopamine, overcoming fears, pushing boundaries and the power of a sports buddy.

In 7 minutes, we guarantee that you want to start yourself. Watch the videos below!

Holistik x 10DAYS | Episode 2 | Tips to prepare for the darker days 

Holistik x 10DAYS | Episode 3 | Move the energy | A Holistic work-out