Sustainability | Slow & steady

We’re fans of slow fashion. Timeless designs that outlast trends is one important way we’re dialling down our pace. Circularity is another, as we increasingly explore avenues in which we can extend the lifecycle of used items.

Herringbone blazer and pants with knit top and slippers
Herringbone blazer and pants with knit top and slippers

We look at the big picture, as well as the small. Details like improving our size charts, so that we can lower our carbon footprint by stepping off the returns treadmill.

Or adding Clevercare information to labels so you’re armed with the knowledge to make your clothes last longer. We have many more ideas in the pipeline.


- In February 2022, we launched 10DAYS For Good, our circular initiative offering pre-loved 10DAYS items in our concept stores in Amsterdam and the Mall of the Netherlands
- 25% – 35% returns rate
- Implementation of Clevercare information on clothing labels
- Improvements to fit and size charts
- Begin to work with more sustainable transportation companies

GOALS 2025

- Increase circular initiatives that repurpose and recirculate used products
- Maximum 20% returns rate