Rethinking consumption

  1. The best of pre-loved 10DAYS pieces

  2. Limiting/ reducing waste

We strive to play an active role in transitioning to a circular industry. With our timeless, lasting collections, we see immense potential in inspiring and motivating everyone to slow down fashion alongside us. We plan to do that by enhancing the social and environmental impact of our products and organization. We focus on three themes and collaborate with expert partners to accelerate change and develop sustainable solutions for the future.



Exclusively in our Amsterdam and the Mall of the Netherlands concept stores, 10DAYS is committed to offering high-quality pieces that only get better over time. This initiative is what is known as “10DAYS For Good”. Clothes with staying power, modern classics without wear-out. When it no longer suits your needs, give your former favourite a new future. Pass it on. For Good.


  • Bring your 10DAYS items to our concept stores in Amsterdam or the Mall of the Netherlands during opening hours.
  • We only accept 10DAYS items that are in perfect condition, without visible signs of use, damage, or discolouration, and with all labels still intact (branding, sizing, care).
  • You can hand in a maximum of 3 items. Underwear, wrappers, and all accessories such as belts, bags, shoes, hats, and scarves are excluded.
  • We don’t believe in seasons, so you can bring your items to our store, any time of year.
  • We buy back items at fixed prices depending on the product category.
  • You’ll receive a voucher for the total amount of your items to spend in our stores.
  • Your voucher is valid for 6 months and can be used across all our collections.
  • We only have space for 40 items in our store. We therefore reserve the right to refuse items.
  • If our store is full, you are welcome to join our waiting list, with up to a maximum of 10 items.


  • 10DAYS For Good isn’t about profit but doing better for the planet. That’s why we sell items at prices that only cover our admin, handling and storage costs.
  • You can hand in a maximum voucher value of € 150 per receipt.
  • Please note we don’t accept returns for 10DAYS For Good items.
  • If you’re not 100% about your item, get in touch with our store staff and they’ll be happy to help.

As we continue to investigate and expand our re-commerce initiatives, we are exploring various avenues such as working with leftover fabrics, launching rental services, and starting a care & repair program. Our aim is to find new ways to repurpose and extend the life of our garments, with these initiatives set to grow in the coming years.



When clothes are made, leftover fabric, or "deadstock," is often left behind. We task our designers with finding creative ways to use this surplus, reducing waste and minimizing the need for new materials. Our 10DAYS for Good initiative encompasses a range of accessories crafted from upcycled and leftover materials, from small bags made of excess leather to clutches and keychains made of various fabrics. With limited production runs, these unique and exclusive items help divert waste from landfills while maintaining the quality, functionality, and reliability expected from any 10DAYS product. 

Where we are in 2023:

  • We currently have a return rate between 25-35%
  • We are finalizing our sustainable washing instructions
  • We have improved our fit-and size charts

Goals for 2025:

  • We offer 3 business models or services to slow down the pace of fashion
  • Maximum of 20% return rate