1. Fair & transparent supply chain

  2. GOTS certification

  3. People & organization

  4. Fabric & care


We believe it's crucial that our timeless collections are crafted within a fair and transparent supply chain, protecting fair labor conditions, living wages, worker health and safety, and animal welfare.

We're constantly working towards making our entire supply chain align with our values, and we acknowledge that this is a work in progress.

Where we are in 2023:

  • All our suppliers have signed our code of conduct.
  • 95% of our collection is produced in Europe.
  • We are mapping the supply chain to ensure our products are made under social compliance criteria at every stage, guaranteeing fair wages and safe, respectful workplaces.

Our goals for 2025:

  • Maintain 95%* of our production in Europe, while striving to achieve 100%.
  • Provide more transparency for every article on the website about the country and location of production, certification status and origin of the materials. We’re working to launch the first steps of this feature by Winter 2023.

­­*For the remaining 5% of our production, materials are either unavailable in Europe or sourced elsewhere for better quality purposes. Occasionally, our Portuguese suppliers may procure trimmings like zippers from Asia, but we strive to minimize this.

All suppliers outside of Europe are consciously chosen and subject to due diligence. Our goal is to fully transition to European suppliers as soon as possible, enhancing our commitment to sustainability and transparency


10DAYS is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
This certification reflects our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility throughout our entire production chain. Not only this aligns with our commitment to creating lasting, eco-friendly products, but also strengthens our pledge to foster a transparent and inclusive environment for all involved.

GOTS is an independent standard for the manufacture and processing of organic natural fibres. GOTS certification guarantees sustainability along the complete production process, a product can only be certified when the entire production chain, from farming to spinning, weaving or knitting, dying, printing, trims and accessories, is certified.

GOTS requires a minimum content of 70% certified organic material and has strict limitations on the other materials that are used in the mix. And all GOTS certified products and packaging must comply with the chemical restrictions of the standard.

GOTS certified facilities need to have highly effective wastewater treatment and recycling systems that protect local ecosystems and communities from pollution. 

Next to that, GOTS has social compliance criteria that must be followed at every stage, ensuring employment is freely chosen, people do not work excessive working hours, earn fair wages and have safe and respectful workplaces.


Our people and organization are at the heart of our brand, embodying our values. It is only natural that we practice what we preach, and act accordingly.


At 10DAYS, we empower our employees to be their authentic selves, nurturing an environment that is healthy, safe, and inclusive, where everyone's unique input is highly valued. Our team is rich with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and we are a proudly women-led company, with a predominantly female management team at the helm.

We take pride in the multitude of nationalities represented in our ranks and are constantly seeking to increase this diversity even further. Gender equality is a core value that we uphold not only within our team structure but also in our visual representations and activities.  


We prioritize sustainable resource and waste management at our headquarters, distribution centers, and retail locations, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint. Our sustainability efforts are our way of doing our bit for a better future.


Respecting animal welfare, we carefully choose suppliers who comply with "The Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare." We collaborate with our suppliers to source materials in line with these principles, avoiding materials from endangered species and prioritizing ethical practices.


We're committed to eco-friendly packaging that minimizes waste and environmental impact. Using recycled and FSC certified materials, we ensure our packaging aligns with our values. Our polybags, while essential for product protection, contain the highest possible amount of recycled plastic. 

Where we are in 2023:

  • 98% of our polybags are made from recycled plastic
  • 80% of our paper and cardboard packaging is made from recycled paper
  • We started measuring the CO2 emissions of our operations over 2022

Our goals for 2025:

  • Emit 30% less CO2 compared to 2022
  • Reduce transport via air with 50%
  • Use 100% recycled plastic in our polybags
  • Make 100% of our paper and cardboard packaging from recycled paper



We craft our timeless, seasonless collections using the most sustainable materials available, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring longevity and quality. Our long-lasting products allow people to consume less over time, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Where we are in 2023:

  • 50% of all materials we use are sustainable
  • 50% of our cotton styles are made from organic cotton

Our goals for 2025:

  • 75% of the collection will be produced in sustainable fabrics
  • 65% of the collection will be certified
  • Ensure 100% of all animal materials we use are certified according to relevant standards