In a world where the fast fashion industry plays a leading role, and the negative news about sustainability in this industry sets the tone, you occasionally feel misguided about how to do things in ways that are better for our planet. You’re trying to play your part, but more often than sometimes you feel overwhelmed in how you can contribute positively in any way.

That feeling is mutual.

We don’t believe in fast fashion. We never did. A sustainable wardrobe is about clothes that endure. Our collections are ageless and coexist with our past collections. Our purpose is to create fashion that has no expiration date.

We understand the difficulty of making a difference in today’s world. We’ve always tried to challenge the standards in the fashion industry, and we’re here to make things more tangible for you. By being transparent, showing you our challenges, where we stand now, and where we’d like to be in the future, we encourage you to discover things that make a difference. And to make you feel you’re not alone.

Let us show you what you can do to change the conditions in fashion. With a positive spirit. Because to us, that’s the only way to make old habits die easily.


10DAYS isn’t perfect. Yet. Our goal is to create fashion that endures and to reduce our environmental footprint. In doing so, we must be transparent about how we reach our ambitions. We already use organic cotton and recycled plastic, and we’re about to introduce more sustainable options in upcoming collections. Currently 85% of our collection is produced in Europe. Finally, all the polybags we use are plastic, but nearly every bag is made from recycled plastics.

Let’s make fashion that is here for the long run. With NO.EXPIRATION.DATE.