10DAYS BOYS&GIRLS ambassadeurs

24 - 05 - 2019  |  by: Eline Teijsse

The coolest kids in town

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At 10DAYS we take our kids serious, so who can we learn the most from? Our fans! The Boys & Girls who like to wear our clothes know best what they like, what is cool right now and what is going on in their world. That's why we meet with them every other month during our "10DAYS BOYS & GIRLS Kids Board Meeting" so they can let us know what they think.


10DAYS BOYS&GIRLS Ambassadeur Daniël Winston

Daniel Winston de Vries - 13 years old

DANIEL loves skinny pants, sweaters, hoodies and sneakers. He has a relaxed style and there must always be something special in it. He often combines 10DAYS with other brands. From 10DAYS he loves the nice hoodies and sweaters (super soft!) And he is a fan of the fanny packs and other cool goodies from 10DAYS such as the key chains and caps. Daniel plays hockey and enjoys surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. On instagram he follows various artists, brands and famous people for inspiration and fun competitions, such as Daily Paper, Supreme, Johnny de Mol, Off White and Lil Kleine. Daniel himself has quite a few followers and occasionally he vlogs.

Instagram @danielwinston_ 3294 followers
Youtube Daniel Winston’s life 136 subscribers

Danique Bibi de Vries - 11 years old

DAANTJE likes to wear cool sweaters and leggings, as long as it's comfortable. And tiger prints are always cool! She likes to combine other brands with 10DAYS and prefers to go shopping with her mother or girlfriends. She likes to mix 10DAYS with various sports brands. Daantje is a sporty girl, she plays football at AFC in Amsterdam and just like her brother Daniel she likes surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. On instagram she has a nice account with photos of her modeling and other things she loves.

Instagram @daniquebibidevries 2004 followers

10DAYS BOYS&GIRLS Ambassadeur Daantje
10DAYS BOYS&GIRLS Ambassadeur Lulu

Lulu Hezemans - 12 years old

LULU likes to wear clothing that fits nicely, so she came at the right place at 10DAYS! She likes to combine it with French brands such as Les Coyote de Paris and Zadig & Voltare. She loves to go to Ibiza with her family and has a very nice instagram account with many followers. On Instagram she follows Maan, Dua Lipa and Lizzy van der Ligt. Her favorite 10DAYS item is the Yoga leggings logo.

Instagram  @luluhezemans_ 1837 followers

Norah van Lottum - 13 years old 

NORAH loves to dance and sing and always has music on. At 10DAYS we love that! She likes cool clothes and it must be comfortable. She prefers shopping with her mother or online, and in her free time she meets up with her friends and loves to play tennis. She vlogs and has her own YouTube channel. On Instagram she follows artists and influencers such as Lauren Sophie, Sincerely Jules, Lotus styling and Dua Lipa. And recently she was named ‘Amsterdammertje’ of the year for her volunteer work for the Emma Children's Hospital!

Instagram @by_norah_ 1548 followers

Youtube by Norah 271 subscribers


10DAYS BOYS&GIRLS Ambassadeur Norah



Our young ambassadors are also committed to do something for others. Daantje has done a very nice interview with Johnny de Mol. He is an ambassador for "The Forgotten Child Foundation". Together with Johnny, Daantje held a giveaway with a 10DAYS sweater for the kids who are on the youth council of the foundation Het Vergeten Kind, The Unforgettables! Lulu talked with Saar Koningsberger, also ambassador for The Forgotten Child Foundation.

10DAYS Talk with Johnny de Mol
Johnny de Mol is an entrepreneur, producer, actor, presenter and DJ. With his ‘Movement on the Ground foundation’, he helps refugees. And as an ambassador for the Forgotten Child foundation he works with children who grow up in families with multiple problems.

10DAYS Talk with Saar Koningsberger
Saar is an actress, presenter and founder of Lakwerk, Amsterdam's first nail art salon. Since she is a mother she has been a fanatic vlogger for her youtube channel Super Saar and since 2013 she is, just like Johnny de Mol, ambassador of "The Forgotten Child Foundation". Lulu spoke to Saar about how she started her youtube channel and Saar gives Lulu tips for when you want to start vlogging!


10DAYS TALKS - Daantje met Johnny de Mol

Check here the full interview that Daantje had with Johnny in our concept store in Amsterdam.

10DAYS TALKS - Lulu met Saar Koningsberger

Check here the full interview that Lulu had with Saar in our concept store in Amsterdam.