The Classics | Wear them. Live them out.

11 - 06 - 2021  |  by: Alba Garcia

The Classics | Wear them. Live them out.

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In these crazy times we're hungry for adventure. 
We long for past times. For ever-changing lives. 
We're made to run free. 
To dance, love and laugh. 
We're made to touch.

'The Classics' invites you to bring the past into the present. To be playful and reinvent your now. This campaign brings you all the glory of the 80s America into your life. The sunny skies from L.A., the road-trips through Palm Springs, the Sunday baseball games.

'Live out'

phrasal verb of live

1. do something in reality that one previously only imagined.

2. spend the rest of one's life in a particular circumstance. 

'The Classics' are a call to enjoy the present by celebrating the past. Wear them. Live them out.
Every Chapter brings us to a different moment, a different mood. Like a movie set, each of them is a new scenario to recreate.

Discover a new story about ‘The Classics’, starting with Chapter 6. Featuring sporty vibes, L.A. feeling & beachy, laid back vibes. This Chapter is all about statement joggers, round shapes, easy pastels, nudes & shoulders.

Discover Chapter 6