Royal blue tones & preppy influences

Chapter 2 - royal blue suit

11 - 02 - 2022  |  by: Wendy Heintjes

Royal blue tones & preppy influences

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Chapter 2 has arrived! Discover the power of all-time style icon Diana. A classic sporty Chapter, with preppy influences. Soft fleece and crispy oxford cotton in royal blue tones such as princess blue and classic blue. Feel free in timeless and comfortable sweats or make a statement with the new leopard print and metallic accessories.

It's time to suit up for any occasion. Let’s go outside, play sports, visit cities, and meet the people we love. 

Discover Chapter 2!

 Chapter 2 - Look 1

Chapter 2 - Look 2
Chapter 2 - Look 3

Chapter 2 - Look 4