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21 - 06 - 2018  |  by: Alba Garcia Aguado


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Porto (the second largest city in Portugal) has been very important to us for years and is even an important part of our DNA. Everything that’s important to us, comes together in this special place. It´s the place where we produce most of our clothes. A place of great manufacturing tradition, with a flexible and creative approach to fashion that always guarantees high quality, one of 10DAYS top priorities.

This place besides the river (the Doura) is a dream. The relaxed atmosphere, romantic (old) culture, colors and atmospheres are a very important source of inspiration to us. That’s why our design team can often be found in this beautiful city. Stroll around this peaceful city, follow the road that leads to the lighthouse, along the water and palm trees, with soft sunrays in your face - while watching fishermen slowly collecting their nets. Being in the moment, and capturing the moment. That feeling is such an important source of inspiration to all our (feel-good) collections.

10DAYS Porto Church

10DAYS Porto Houses
10DAYS Porto Boat

"Taking the road that leads to the lighthouse, wandering next to the palm trees..."

10DAYS Porto Beach


But, we must confess one thing: one of the things that we like the most about Porto is definitely the food. It´s amazing! If you’re planning a trip there, we definitely recommend to pay a visit to one of our favorite spots:


One of Porto’s most eclectic restaurants. Build in a neo-Arab building that has been transformed into a modern space. Mistu’s cuisine has influences from different parts of the world, from Asia to Europe.

10DAYS Porto Mistu


Pedro Lemos is one of Porto’s finest restaurants and one of the firsts to be awarded with a Michelin Star. With its creations, the Chef Pedro Lemos honors nature and pure ingredients.

10DAYS Porto Pedro Lemos


Fox do Duoro is a beautiful neighborhood but is also the place where the Duoro river melts into the sea. Full of different beaches, it’s the perfect place for a walk at dusk to watch the sun set in the Atlantic Ocean.

10DAYS Porto Foz do Duoro