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20 -02 - 2019  |  by: Alba Garcia Aguado

Our Yoga Factory

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In Barcelos, situated at a 45 minutes drive from Porto (Portugal), we found our yoga factory, a clothing factory that has been operating since 1982.

This is the place where our yoga quality items are born. Where the big rolls of our most special fabric - an amazing polyester elastane that came all the way from Italy - waits to be digitally printed, cut and sewed into the items that you will be wearing. In this factory, all the love we put into designing our collections is transformed into our amazing yoga pieces.

The same way we spend time and effort into designing each of our Chapters, we know it’s important to choose the best partners to produce our collections. Those that have the highest standards and that stand for the same values as we do. Partners that have the same passion for what they do. Therefore, we can say that design and quality are deeply grounded into the heart of 10DAYS.  

10DAYS Factory Process



LOCATION: Barcelos, Portugal
EMPLOYEES: 70 people
PRODUCTS: Yoga leggings
LAST VISIT: July 2018



10DAYS Factory Fabrics

10DAYS Factory Barbara


Made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, our Yoga Quality is actually one of the finest microfibers that is available. Polyamide gives strength and resistance to the fabric, making it durable and wrinkle-resistant, while elastane provides flexibility.

The combination of both fibers results in a resistant and easy to care of fabric that adapts to your body and provides freedom of movement. Just what you need to wear to your yoga class. Or, why not, to the office! 

10DAYS Factory Process Behind the Scenes