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19 - 09 - 2018  |  by: Alba Garcia Aguado

LOS ANGELES | ‘The Californian dream’

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One of the first things that comes to mind when we think about LA is the feeling of well-being. It might be due to the mixture of sand and sea-salt floating in the air. Or maybe just because of the sun. We don’t know exactly what it is, but this city has something that makes you feel great.

We love Los Angeles. That’s for sure. The palm trees, the surfers, skate-boarders, the infinite drives, the highways, Venice Beach and its canals, the enormous houses of Beverly Hills, the smell of perfect coffee and the sea...sky is the limit…Do we need to say more?

This lively place is an important source of inspiration for 10DAYS. That’s why our design team visits L.A. every year to enjoy and capture that cool, free, easy-going atmosphere and to translate this unique feeling into our collections. From Californian food to music, the surf scene or the healthy lifestyle - for us, L.A. is 'The Californian dream' - the ultimate 10DAYS feeling. Anything can be the start of a new idea. The spark that lights the next 10DAYS collection.

10DAYS LA Beach Meditation

10DAYS LA Beach Meditation

"It may be due to the mixture of sand and sea-solt floating in the air. Or maybe just because of the sun..."

10DAYS LA Pool

Favourite spots

Get inspired – a few of our favourite spots in L.A.:


Just minutes away from Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney is the place where to find the latest fashion, art, and food.

Not only a great shopping spot but a place that keeps being an epicenter for trend spotting.


10DAYS LA Abbot Kinney 


This is not another massage place. The NOW is a space to escape the daily pressures of life and recharge your energy and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapy. With different locations around Los Angeles, The NOW is currently working on expanding to more places.

10DAYS LA The Now Massage


Widely recognized as one of the best pizzerias in the US, Pizzeria Mozza is known for its California ingredients and a much-talked-about crust.

They truly master the Italian art of making pizza but giving it a Californian twist. 

10DAYS LA Pizzeria Mozza

10DAYS LA Palmtrees