Introducing Holistik x 10DAYS

23-10-2019 | by: Janneke Koelemaij

Introducing Holistik x 10DAYS

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A collaboration that arose from the desire to share more of the values and lifestyle choices that are important to us. To do so we’ve partnered with the amazing girls from @holistiknl, with whom we’ve been preparing a lot of content that we hope you find interesting. Each month, we will share videos and blog posts with you that will focus on different topics.

At the bottom of this page you can find our first video of these series, in which Evelyn and Karlijn talked with 10DAYS founders Barbara and Myon about how to keep balance in life. We hope you enjoy it! ❤️  [audio only available in Dutch]

Because the holistic lifestyle is also gaining interest at the 10DAYS HQ, we collected some interesting questions for Evelyn and Karlijn from our office members. You can read their answers below.

What is the main idea / core of holism?
Karlijn: Holism is not a religion but a philosophy of life in which you see yourself as part of something larger. As soon as you feel connected to everything there is, you naturally act with more respect to people, animals and nature.

Yet holism is not just about being connected to the world around you. The relationship you have with yourself is just as important.

On an individual level holism can add lightness and meaning to your life. Living a live based on the holistic idea means that you aim to live based on love and faith instead of fear.

How can you integrate a holistic lifestyle into your daily work
Karlijn: You can start with super small decisions. Eat vegetables more often, change your toothpaste a couple of times a week for a fluoride-free variant and stop negative thoughts about other people when those come to mind.

Realize that as you make these micro decisions, you are contributing to a healthier, more loving planet.  

What would a (working) day look like if you fully lived / organized this day in a holistic way?
Karlijn: That’s a good question... It would certainly look different from how we spend the days regularly ;-). We sit too much, we drink too much coffee (even though it is decaf: coffee = coffee) and, like most other Dutch people, we spend too little time outside. But what we do to get through the day as holistically as possible are a few things. We always start the day with a cup of coffee together. During these coffee dates we talk about things that are going on in our lives, apart from work. Also, the best ideas also regularly pop up during these coffee sessions.

Evelyn: Food is something else that is very import to us. We like to eat food that is good for our body, that is nutritious. We are not strictly vegan, but we mostly eat plant based, non-processed recipes at the office. Holistik works together with a team and we think it is important to create time for everyone's personal struggles that we all occasionally have. By having a cup of tea, talking about things outside of work and sometimes by saying "go home, there are more important things to do now than work" we have a hugely involved team.   

"Holism is not a religion but a philosophy of life in which you see yourself as part of something larger."

What was the reason to start with your Holistik platform?
Karlijn: In 2015 we missed an online source to find inspiration in personal development, spirituality and a sustainable way of life with a "green glamour" touch.

In 3,5 years Holistik has grown into a platform where people can grow, celebrate life, help each other and take care of the earth.

To build the platform, we used our own savings that we earned in the past with the small jobs that we had as a student. A very exciting step of course, but we wanted Holistik to become a 100% independent title. We succeeded and that makes us completely free to design the platform exactly as we think it is.