Clear water, surf blue & clay

10DAYS Chapter 2 nieuwe collectie

11 - 02 - 2020  |  by: Wendy Heintjes

Clear water, surf blue & clay

Category: Collections

Chapter 2 has arrived and it invites you to go outside. Mix thick knits with soft cottons. Big cardigans with flowy dresses. Play with your clothes and create looks with many layers. It’s time to get cozy out in the street!

Do you remember this season’s Hawaii theme? This is very well represented in this latest collection. Discover colour tones like clear water, surf blue & clay, combined with leaf prints and wave patterns.

Feel comfortable in soft knits & easy jerseys. Layer it up and let’s go outside!

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- Love, 10DAYS -

Look wave print

Look leaf print, clear water & surf blue 

Clay coloured outfit met logo shopper