Chapter 12. A tribute to light...

Nieuwe collectie: chapter 12

11 - 12 - 2020  |  by: Alba Garcia Aguado

CHAPTER 12. A tribute to light...

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Welcome to the Gallery. A collection inspired by the paintings and sculptures of the contemporary art world. Visually powerful, beautifully sustainable and, above all, comfortable and timeless.

This campaign is an homage to everything that inspires us. To that burning desire to create. To that sparkle that leads to an idea. A tribute to light, textures, shapes and colours.

Let’s start with Chapter 12: a tribute to light… Discover our sketch print, the leopard camo print, the accent colour lemon, warm knitwear and a great variety of accessories.

Discover Chapter 12!

Oversized wool coat
10DAYS The Gallery: nieuwe collectie
Oversized sweater white
Lemon/geel shirt dress
Lemon/vanilla sweater