Chapter 10: Founding Freedom

10DAYS Chapter 10 Nieuwe collectie

13 - 10 - 2020  |  by: Alba Garcia Aguado

Chapter 10: Founding Freedom

Category: Collections

Founding Founding Freedom is a tale of the current times. A campaign born in April of 2020 during the worldwide lockdown.

10DAYS’ founders Barbara and Myon turned to themselves to model and style the campaign for the Winter Flash ’20 collection. Each of them brought their own creativity and taste into the set, picking their favourite items to create looks that could inspire everyone from home.

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Zwarte blazer sparkle

Geruite broek met 2 strepen

Geruite blazer met accessoire

Kort vest in winter white met rib broek

“I love unexpected combinations”
- Barbara

“I love big sweaters with slim fit pants” - Myon