A tribute to the Classics II

10DAYS Chapter 9

14 - 09 - 2021  |  by: Wendy Heintjes

A Tribute to The Classics II | Chapter 9

Category: Collections

Moving into the next quarter of the year, transforming from season to season and embracing the changes that come along with it. We evolve towards a new Chapter. A sequel to our previous Chapters: The Classics Part II.

A collection that has moved from Vintage USA beach & baseball toiconic style women in a romantic French vintage vibe.

Inspired by Polo Sports with strong focus on Monogram prints, that underline the classic feeling. Move along throughout the season with a woody colour palette & warm caramels. Inspired by the song “Je Pense, a toi a toi a toi...” We imagine ourselves on the enchanting countryside. Reminiscing cherished memories, laughing and enjoying the late summer rays of sun.

A refreshing Chapter with layered silhouettes, padded statement shoulders & high waists, where powerful lines and comfort interplay.

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