10DAYS Yoga Event at Conservatorium Hotel

07 -05 - 2019  |  by: Alba Garcia Aguado

Get the sleep you want | A day at the Conservatorium Hotel

At 10DAYS we are all about having a healthy lifestyle, and we know that sleep is a big part of it. But sometimes it’s not so easy: work, stress, never ending to do lists, kids… A lot of things can get in your way to get a good night sleep.

That’s why we loved the idea of being part of the Get the Sleep you Want event at the Conservatorium Hotel. Because any opportunity to get a healthier lifestyle is a good one! Anouk (from Happy Sleeper) was there to tell us all the ins- and outs to become (and stay) a happy sleeper!

We sponsored the event by giving one of our Yoga Mats to all the attendees and dressing the staff with our Yoga Leggings collection. That big room full of our 10DAYS Yoga Mats looked impressive!

During the event, Eliana from the House of Deep Relax gave a Yoga Nidra session – a kind of yoga that helps release stress trough guiding the participants into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. You can discover all about Eliana’s work in the House of Deep Relax website, where she gives tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

10DAYS Yoga Event in het Conservatorium Hotel

10DAYS Yoga Event in het Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam